Anti Stripping Agent

Premature failure of flexible pavement is a general problem. RoadStar Anti Stripping Agent is a specially formulated compound to prevent such problems through improvement of adhesion between Bitumen amp; Aggregates so as to avoid stripping of Bitumen on aggregates. It strengthens the bond between Bitumen amp; Aggregates which will not be dislodged by water. Anti Stripping Agent is to be added in Bitumen before mixing with aggregates. It works even in the presence of water. Anti Stripping Agent is in liquid form and hence can be added directly to the Bitumen. It maintains its properties up to a temperature of 163 Degree C. On the whole, the use of Anti Stripping Agent can be considered economical since it extends the life of roads and pavements.

Recommended rate of application:

It is advisable to use 0.5 – 1% by weight of bitumen to be added in Hot mix plant.

Specific Applications

RoadStar Anti Stripping agent can be applied in high rainfall areas and areas with bad quality of aggregates and improper drainage system.


RoadStar Anti Stripping agent is available in steel drums of 180 kg.